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was born in 1958 and raised 
in Clermont Charlevoix, 
in la belle province de Québec. 
The oldest of a family of five children, she always found inspiration from her loving family and natural surroundings in the heart of the Quebec countryside.
Her inspiration over the years has stemmed from her deep love of nature.
"I am inspired by almost anything, the beautiful shape of a tree, a simple cloud, the majesty of mountains..."
She admits she always enjoyed 
drawing, even as a child.
As Rachelle is often called to travel by train, over the years she as accumulated tremendous inspiration from countless miles across the rich Ontario and Quebecois countrysides, and she has captured these seasonal changes of Mother Nature on her canvasses.
Rachelle's preferred mediums
Using acrylic paint as a fuel for her passion, she finds this medium easy
to mix colours and to breathe life into
her many creations.
Background and influences
In 1984, Rachelle had the privilege to learn oil painting from Louise F. Belley, a local artist from her hometown of Charlevoix.
Louise's influence has been key to
driving her appreciation for colour but fundamentally to enjoy her art form.  Rachelle currently lives in Toronto with her husband Sean, their lovely daughter Danielle
and her sister Denise.
"I want to share my passion with you!  Please enjoy my work, as much as
I enjoy sharing it with you!"
Rachelle M. Fitzpatrick